LA Times and the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education Give Shout Outs to Living the California Dream… book, More Event Dates and Exciting News

I am pleased to share my book, Living the California Dream: African American Leisure Sites during the Jim Crow Era was recently highlighted in the Los Angeles Times. In his article, “Book It, L.A. — for the brainy and the bold,” writer Drew Tewksbury called out my book launch event at Chevalier’s Book Store in the Larchmont district as one to attend and also gave a shout out to a particular chapter in the book (Los Angeles Times, Saturday, January 11, 2020).

I was grateful there was a full house with a standing room only crowd at the Chevalier’s event on Thursday, January 16, on a evening where rain was predicted which thankfully arrived just after we finished up the program. The book seller and I were pleased all my books in the store were sold! They have ordered more books. Even though I have not had a book event there yet, Los Angeles’ Eso Won Books in Leimert Park sold out of my books they had on hand. Please remember to support Los Angeles’ local book sellers when you make in store purchases of my and other authors’ books. You can also buy the book here.

Historian Alison Rose Jefferson’s Living the California Dream.. book launch event at Chevalier’s Book Store on Thursday, January 16, 2020 in Los Angeles’ Larchmont district was a success. All the books in the store were sold and there was a standing room only crowd. Photograph courtesy of Pablo Capra, Brass Tacks Press, Los Angeles, California.

In the led up to the Chevalier’s Book Store event, I wrote an article you might be interested to read, “Leisure, An Essential Component of Liberty” about why I wrote the book for the UNP Blog which was published January 13, 2020.

More good news

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education highlighted my book on its website list of new books that may be of interest to their readers. See this January 9, 2020 feature here.

Also, The African Channel cable network began sharing information about my book in their social media platforms.]

Please feel free to share The African Channel sites with your friends, family, and colleagues so they can read about and comment in the posts.

I am excited to announce more 2020 event dates are continually being added in support of my new book, Living the California Dream… in Southern California, the San Francisco Bay area, and New York. Check my website events page for more details and updates on these programs. Note I will add public event dates when all the details are confirmed.

Historian Alison Rose Jefferson with good friend, artist Danene Lofton at the Living the California… book launch event at Chevalier’s Book Store on Thursday, January 16, 2020 in Los Angeles’ Larchmont district. Since all the books sold out by the time they got to making a photograph, Jefferson poses with one of the few book business cards left over at the end of the successful event.


Lastly, the featured image photograph at the top of this article post is courtesy of Leroy Hamilton, December 7, 2019.

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