Great Breakfast, Thoughtful Dialog, Fun and Engagement with the Members of The L.A. Breakfast Club
LA Breakfast Club

Speaker Alison Rose Jefferson with Lily Holleman and Richard Gilson of the Los Angeles Breakfast Club at their Wednesday, March 30th program. (click to enlarge)

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016 I was invited to speak about the history of race relations at Santa Monica Beach at Los Angeles Breakfast Club meeting by member Steve McAvoy. For over 90 years the Club has hosted a weekly breakfast and speakers on topics covering the community and the world.

Living up to their motto of “making Los Angeles a better place since 1925,” this was an intellectually engaged group of people who know how to throw down with a good breakfast and bit of fun at their meetings, which begin at 7.00 AM. The Breakfast Club Foundation also provides opportunities to support good works throughout the community or through hands-on work with organizations whose work they highlight.

The Club meets and eats on Wednesday mornings at the Friendship Auditorium on Riverside Drive near Griffith Park. Potential new members are welcome to join.

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LA Breakfast Club