African American Leisure, Southern California Tales and Bruce’s Beach

Bruce’s Beach Pop Up Structure, ca. 1910s. Courtesy of Bernard Bruce

If you missed my April 26 lecture at the Manhattan Beach Public Library on African American and women’s history at the early twentieth century Bruce’s Beach in the South Bay of Los Angeles County, here are two articles, which will give you a view of what I discussed.

“Prejudice, lies and history in Manhattan Beach” by Richard Foss, Easy Reader newspaper, Thursday, May 6, 2016.

“Exploring Los Angeles County’s Historic African-American Beaches” by Lauren Walser, National Trust for Historic Preservation e-newsletter, Friday, July 8, 2016.

Much more will be a illuminated about the history of Bruce’s Beach, its historical actors and the issues that have impacted our knowledge and understanding of this place over the twentieth century in a chapter of my forthcoming book “Leisure’s Race, Power and Place, Recreation and Remembrance of African Americans in the California Dream” (working title) to be published by the University of Nebraska Press. You can learn more about this upcoming book here.

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